New Year!

You know you get this saying, ‘new year, new me!’? I don’t believe that is true, most of us will still stay the same, like I will stay invisible to the rest of the world, ugly and hating my life, that’s never going to change.

My new years resolutions:

~ Stay positive

~  Try to make more friends (this will never be achieved though!)

~ Try not to do homework the day it’s due in

That’s basically it, I don’t really make new years resolutions, you can probably tell.

Did you make any resolutions for 2017? Did you complete your 2016 resolutions? (I didn’t)

Sorry I didn’t post on new years eve and new years day, my phone (a crappy iPhone 4s) wouldn’t turn on and it had FULL CHARGE! I now realise I should probably sort out my storage situation and back up all 2,565 of my photos and videos so I don’t lose them. I’m probably going to do that in a minute. I really need a new phone but my parents won’t buy me one, apparently we’re too poor. Says the people who brought 2 TV’s for Christmas which cost £500 each. Sometimes I REALLY hate my life :(.

Is it bad that I haven’t left the house since I broke up for my school holidays on 16th December?

Anyway, I should probably sort out my phone storage now so I’m gonna leave this here.

Goodbye for now

Holly xxx

~~-Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan-~~


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