Why I haven’t posted in a while…

Hey guys! so sorry I haven’t posted in so long. A lot of stuff has been happening:

1: I got into a big argument

2: I have a drama exam next Wednesday šŸ˜ I have literally been rehearsing non stop because I am so nervous

3:I have had so much homework

4: I was watching YouTube XD

Currently I should be making a revision resource for math but cant be bothered so…

I don’t know why, but I have been feeling really sad recently, and have been wanting to kill myself sometimes. My mind isĀ literally so negative and annoying.

I really want to tell someone about this but I can’t, I am one of those socially awkward people who doesn’t like to tell other people anything. I have major trust issues.

I’m guessing some people would like to know what the ‘big’ argument is about. Well, as you know, I have been really sad recently and it has been affecting my school life, all the work I was doing was bad and apparently I was ‘attention seeking’.. I haven’t been attention seeking, honestly, I hate to get any kind of attention so yeah. My best friend told me that someone said to her that Ā ‘I was a big attention seeker and pretending to be sad so people would feel sorry for me’ I asked my friend “Who is it, I swear tell me or I wont speak to you again” and she simply replied “I cant, I promised her I would keep it a secret”

Like come on, who does that to a person? Let me ask you something, if someone said something bad about your best friend behind your back, you would tell them straight away and tell them who it is right?

I was really sting to doubt our friendship, A couple of months ago, my best friend found out that I had been self harming, I told her to swear she wouldn’t tell anyone. She promised. then a week or so later, someone magically found out, I asked her, “how do you know this?” and she said that my bestĀ friend told her. That’s the reason why I have trust issues.Ā  and now my BEST FRIEND wont tell me anything. Like seriously are we even friends?

Anyways, guys I should leave this here, if I don’t post before Wednesday, wish me luck for my drama exam!

Goodbye for now

Holly xxx

~~-Be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody-~~


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