25 Things About Me…

Hey guys!

I am back.

So, how have you been over the past few weeks? I have been okay I guess.

Today I’m gonna tell you guys 25 things about me, just because why not?

1: My name is Holly.

2: I have a dog that looks like this:

Image result for springer spaniel

3: I hate potatoes (they are DISGUSTING).

4: I am addicted to YouTube.

5: I mostly listen to music by Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran.

6: For some strange reason I love the song say something’.

7: Most of the time, my emotion is sad. 😦

8: I want to be an actress one day.

9:  I LOVE chocolate m&m’s

. Image result for chocolate m&ms

10: I just realised ‘m&m’s’ isn’t a word so I had to ‘Add to dictionary’.

11: I love drama.

12: My favourite youtubers are: Zoella, PointlessBlog, Shane, ThatcherJoe, Danisnotonfire, Amazing Phil and Marcus Butler.

13: I love the summer. Especially as last summer, it was so hot in the UK, I loved it.

14: I hate the spring. I don’t even know why to be honest, it is just like you’re waiting for everything, like warmer weather etc.

15: I am probably the most impatient person ever. I hate standing in queues because its so boring.

16: According to my best friend, I complain a lot. (true tbh)

17: I love the Disney films: ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’.

18: I have never had a boyfriend. (sad)

19: My favourite animal is a kangaroo.

20: I want to move to either America or Australia.

21: I literally have no talents.

22: I love Pretty Little Liars (on Netflix)

23: I am so uncreative, its unreal.

24: I procrastinate too much.

25: I have found it so hard thinking of 25 facts about me, I am so boring.

So, that’s 25 facts about me, I hope you enjoyed them.

I bet you’re dying to know how my drama exam went a couple of weeks ago. (you’re probably not) It went really well, the examiner was really nice and I was so nervous I would mess up. But I didn’t.

In the comments below, tell me what you have been doing this weekend.

So, I think I should leave this post here, I’ll probably post again soon. Remember to leave a comment, tell me what you did this weekend! I will reply to anyone, that’s a promise!

Goodbye for now!

Holly xxx

~~-Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try-~~




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